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We can design and build your pool steps or you can design your own. We refurbish existing steps using various materials as in Granite, Marble, Stone.

Not only do steps have a practical role to play in your pool, they can also be used as a social place have a cool Beer or a glass of wine on those Hot Summer days here in Cyprus.

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Non slip Treads

Vinyl steps

Plain Blue - German

Marble Steps Lined Steps

Non slip Treads

Non slip German

Full width steps - Lined

Resin compound steps

Plain concrete

Pre-formed Ceramics

Mosaic steps

Granite steps

Radial Mosaics steps

Non slip lined steps

Refurbish existing steps

Traditional Non slip

External granite Steps

Diaganol Steps for saving space in your pool

Diagonal corner steps

Radial Marble steps

Space saving steps

External pool steps