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Celtic Pools are qualified and all certified to install  replacement Vinyl  liners. All our work is guaranteed.

We have a varied selection of  Canadian Liners that suit most peoples needs and come with a manufacturers 10 year warranty against leakage.


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Caadian Adriatic Blue

 New Israeli Granite pattern

 New Boarder on old liner

Israeli 1.5mm

Canadian Butterfly

German Elbe blue marble - Kidney shaped Israeli blue Marble Liner

Canadian Cyrus Sand

Canadian Plaza

Canadian Plaza

Canadian Ocean  Stone

 Canadian Sparkle/Versachi

Canadian Sparkle Canadian Ocean Stone

Canadian Jamaican Jellistone

Canadian Jellistone

Canadian Electric Blue Jellistone

Canadian - Butterfly


Canadian Cyrus Blue Mosaic

German Elbe blue Mosaic

Canadian Adriatic Blue

Canadian Blue Mosaic (Cyrus Blue) German Mosaic

Canadian Cyrus Mosaic

Canadian Ocean Stone

Canadian Skyline 1.5mm

Canadian Sparkle

Canadian Sparkle Liner

Canadian Jellistone Liner

Canadian Plaza

New Canadian Electric Blue Liner

Canadian Jellistone Liner Canadian Plaza Liner Israeli Granite pool liner

Electric Blue Jelliestone

Electric Blue Jelliestone 1.5mm

Canadian Cyrus Sand Canadian Cyrus Grey

Canadian Cyrus Grey

Skyline Mosaic

Canadian Skyline

Adriatic Blue

Canadian Adriatic Blue

Textured Granit Blue

Canadian Cyrus Sand

Canadian Cyrus Sand mosaic

Canadian Skyline

Canadian textured Granit Blue